The SlimLine weight loss capsule is the newest, most technologically advanced spa capsule from Sybaritic, Inc., the first, original inventor and world’s number one leader of the capsule industry. SlimLine has integrated multiple weight loss technologies inside the new comprehensive weight loss device for increased metabolic stimulation, weight loss and related physiological benefits.

Unique Technology & Permanent Benefits

Convective dry thermal heat and deep penetrating near-infrared heat is administered simultaneously with therapeutic, intense LED light, P-NIR wavelengths and 99% pure oxygen. This unique combination of technology naturally reduces fat mass content, which secretes leptin hormones and stimulates the hypothalamus to help clients/patients lose weight and tone their slimmed body in three ways:

  • The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is increased in a manner similar to physical activity; just as a person’s cardio system and metabolism would be stimulated by engaging in vigorous exercise.
  • The body’s “Weight Set Point” is decreased and adjusted to allow fat to be burned at a higher rate. Only by changing our metabolism and increasing our BMR can we permanently lower our body’s “set points” and maintain lower ideal weight.
  • Redundant excess skin from weight loss will be tightened. Fine lines and signs of photo-aging will be reduced by the complex of increased circulation and new cell growth enhanced by the intensive LED light modules.